The earth will be home to some 10 billion people by 2050, and 70 % of them will live near the already crowded coasts, putting even more pressure on scarce resources. They will all need affordable, sustainable power.

Already today, thousands of islands and under served areas around the world rely on expensive, polluting diesel generators and are actively looking for renewable energy solutions.

Waves can provide a great solution, as they are utterly renewable and close to these coastal populations. 

 Wave power can make a big difference, too; the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates the global potential of wave energy to be greater than the total amount of electricity that is being produced today. 


But potential alone is not enough. To be chosen, any energy solution – including wave power – must be proven, cost-competitive and meet local requirements. Those requirements can include:

·      Increased energy security

·      More local jobs

·      Good grid integration

·      Low transmission costs

·      Gentle on the environment

·      Zero CO2 emissions

·      Don’t require scarce and expensive land area

·      Don’t make loud noises

·      Don’t require batteries

·      Don’t create eyesores

That’s where Seabased wave power has a clear advantage.

Waves work 24/7/365, are highly predictable,and can supply electricity on a far less variable basis than many other renewables. This can ease grid integration, increase the percentage of renewables in the energy mix, and eliminate the need for energy storage. That makes wave energy an attractive renewable for power companies. 

Seabased wave power parks consume no landmass other than to connect to the grid. They make no loud noises, use no pollutants or blades that hurt marine life, produce no emissions, and are virtually invisible from the shore. They are built to withstand powerful storms and they provide shelter for marine life, becoming artificial reefs.

Seabased has developed, patented and proven a cost-effective technology to capture the renewable energy of ocean waves and export it to the grid in a way that is gentle on the environment. We are a global leader in wave energy technology in an emerging and potentially enormous industry. 

Wave power can change the game.