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World’s First Multi-Generator Grid-Connected Wave Energy Park Delivered to Fortum

Seabased has successfully delivered the first installment of the world’s first multi-generator grid-connected wave energy park to the Nordic power corporation Fortum.

In late December 2015 Fortum and Seabased finished installing and subsequently connecting the wave power park to the Nordic Electricity Grid. It is the first installment of a wave power plant in Sotenäs, northwest of Smögen on the Swedish west coast. The current installation is comprised of 36 wave energy convertors and a marine substation.



The project is a joint effort between Seabased, Fortum, and the Swedish Energy Agency. The Swedish Energy Agency awarded an investment grant to Fortum and Seabased for the wave power plant in February 2010.

The manufacturing for the demonstration plant was done in Seabased’s factory in Lysekil in Sweden.

“This is a very significant achievement”, says Seabased Founder and then CEO, Prof. Mats Leijon. “We are very happy to have come this far and I wish to thank Fortum and the Swedish Energy Agency for their confidence and support all throughout this journey”, says Leijon. Seabased is continuing working on several other projects utilizing this globally patented concept.

Studies in advance of the project concluded that wave power could be a very competitive green alternative. The load factor, or the average percentage of power produced per MW installed, in the region was determined at approximately 23% for wind turbines. Seabased Wave Energy Converters (WECs) offer a much higher load factor of 55%.

The Sotenäs Wave Power Plant is co-financed by Fortum, the Swedish Energy Agency and Seabased. Research and Development within Seabased is carried out in close cooperation with researchers at the Centre for Electric Renewable Energy Conversion at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University with full access and cooperation on MSc and PhD projects led by the founders of Seabased, professors Mats Leijon and Hans Bernhoff.