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Bringing WAVE
ENERGY to the world

The Company’s strategy is to develop into a system supplier of turnkey wave energy parks, including pre studies, permits and maintenance services. This will be enabled through, geographically well-situated mass production systems in key markets to ensure high quality and low cost.



For the moment we have no vacancies.

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Increased availability of renewable energy, together with projects for more efficient energy utilization, is a prerequisite for a sustainable energy system.

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Latest News

  1. 2015-05-11

    Sea operations - launching of generators & buoys Sea operations - launching of generators & buoys Seabased Industry AB has created, in collaboration with TC's Energy, Africa's first wave power...

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  2. 2015-04-22

    Information meeting for the Shareholders of Seabased Seabased Industry AB warmly welcomes shareholders of Seabased and Aktiespararna's local...

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